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We had great fun with this :D


Thanks for posting this lol

A thoroughly enjoyable and unique experience. Highly recommended training to prepare for the event of sudden bonelessness.

had alot of fun with this, luckily i wasn't disarmed to much XD 

Had a lot of fun in this whacky action game, you can bare witness to my noodle armed prowess here: 

Hope you all enjoy.

i feel bad for what i said about the voice actor.. but i loved the game and i enjoyed it very much

I like the idea for the game. Very silly, nice job.

Just to update you all, I am still in the process of trying to fix the PS4 controller button mapping -- it's taking longer than expected, but thank you for your patience!

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Great video! Thanks for playing!!

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Made a video


Just watched it! Funny stuff!


Love the concept of the game, I'm dying to play it. My only issue is the camera is spinning on its own and my PS4 controller doesn't seem to be synced up properly. It could be on my part as I have tried editing my button mappings but I'm still not able to play it

Thank you so much, VVeed! I want you to play! I'm currently working on the PS4 controller support, but, as is the case with most things in game dev, it is proving to be much more complicated than I thought it would be. Thank you for your patience!



Tried to play with a PS4 controller as it's all I have kicking around but the controls weren't synced up so I couldn't play :(
Eg, R2 brought up the menu and the camera wouldn't stop spinning around the player

The theme is super fun though, really sold me with "Someone stole the bones in your arms!"


Hey Tocol! Thanks for letting me know! I will take a look into those controls for you! Glad you enjoyed the theme! ha!

Hello there! I had the luxury of playing this little gem and absolutely loved the game. It was fun and I couldn't stop laughing at the whole running around slapping people. The sound effects where awesome, and I thought the ninja run with the long arms was hilarious too. I look forward to seeing more from the developer in the feature.

In my gameplay video below there is no commentary for those who like to watch just gameplay videos.

I might be dumb but I'm having the hardest time finding the download link


Hey there! So sorry, first time publishing to Itch and it seems I left out the most important part! The download link should be on the page now! Hope you enjoy it!